Face to face or online, on an ad-hoc or regular basis, our mentoring service is designed around you. Advice, guidance and support how, as and when you’d like it.

It is ideal for:

  • New-to-sector staff in need of advice on how best to tackle aspects of the role
  • Experienced professionals seeking guidance & support with a significant, one-off undertaking like going co-ed 
  • Schools & not-for-profits lacking senior staff requiring interim or regular support for junior team members
  • Those wishing to progress their career or develop new skill sets

Ultimately, it is all about equipping you, or your team, with the tools, skills and knowledge required for the challenges you face. It’s about empowering, developing, inspiring and motivating you so that you can approach your role with enthusiasm and confidence. 

To discuss mentoring please contact Sian Jones or 07957 348133

Sian has acted very much as a ‘critical friend’, helping me to crystallise ideas about my management of the school and the ways in which the school might develop. If I were to move schools at any time I would want to make it a condition of my new employment that I could continue to tap into Sîan’s hugely beneficial advice.


Exeter Cathedral School