External relations audit

A data driven health check of your school’s marketing, admissions and communications answering key questions about your practice:

  • How consistent is your messaging across audiences & channels? Is it compelling? Does it tally with your strategic objectives?
  • How many enquiries must your marketing activity generate in order to fill the places you have available? What’s the difference between your current & required enquiry levels? How best to generate more?
  • Do enough enquiries convert to visits? If not, what’s behind that?
  • How does your visit to registration ratio compare to sector norms? What can you do to improve it?
  • Do those who register convert to joiners in large enough numbers? If not, why not?
  • Are you capturing & measuring the right things? How can you use data to improve decision making?
  • How does your customer journey compare to best practice?
  • How consistent is your brand identity? 
  • How does your budget compare to other schools? Is it adequate to achieve your objectives?
  • Do you have the requisite staffing levels, structure & skills in your team?

The audit can be as detailed or high level as your budget and needs dictate. We can cover every question or just one or two. Either way, we will identify gaps in best practice and offer practical, creative and cost-effective solutions for short- and long-term improvement.

To discuss an audit please contact Sian Jones  sian@sianjonesconsulting.co.uk or 07957 348133

Her report was considerate, insightful and concise – exactly what I needed to press ahead!

Director of Marketing & Admissions

Wellington School

Since working with SJC, we have employed a marketing manager, significantly improved our data collection/handling and made important material changes to the parts of the school seen by prospective parents – and the list goes on!


Moor Park