Personalised marketing communication consultancy for schools & not-for-profits

Welcome to Sîan Jones Consulting

SJC offers expert marketing communication advice and support to schools, the broader education sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Growth is at the heart of our approach

We help schools and not-for-profit organisations grow the numbers that matter, people to grow in skills and confidence, and reputations to grow from strength to strength.

Astute, approachable and professional, SJC always tailors its work to the specifics of the challenges you face, and always has your best interests at heart. Think of us as a ladder – there to support you and make it easier to reach your goal.

Our Services

Market Research​

Analysing your marketplace and understanding your stakeholders.


Developing a game plan to achieve your aims.


Ensuring your messages align with your strategic aims.

Change & growth

Helping you prepare for, lead & communicate change.

External relations audit

Reviewing your marketing, admissions & communications against best practice.


Ensuring your voice is authentic & compelling.


Developing your people.


Advising, guiding, motivating & inspiring.


Finding the right people.


Drive, focused expertise, a positive communication style and deep understanding of the School not just as a client but as a partner.


The Godolphin School

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